Friday, July 30, 2010

Oops, Neglected Blog....

Sorry my faithful followers!!!! I keep updating our Youtube instead of this blog... If you want, you can keep in touch a tad better with our youtube account,
:) As for that being said, thank you so much!! Our vaycay will be next week on Thursday. :) GTG now, toodles!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ch. 11, followers, and....

YOUTUBE! Yup, you heard it, we have a youtube!! You can find me, my sisters, and Julie and Alaska on Youtube! Our channel is xDaniellexOpalx. Here is the link

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And my 16th follower!! Wah hoo, it is........ Kaeden Lutz! (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) Thanks and comment please!

Here is ch 11. Abbey and Prudence wanted it.. LOL look at their comment on the last post. :)

December 25th (CHRISTMAS)

Today was the best day of my life! Ok, here is what happened. (I barely heard it under all the wrapping paper. :P ) This was right after they finished reading the Nativity in the Bible. "Dad, can we open presents now?" Opal said "Alright" Then he passed out the presents. Winifred got A My Little Pony Set and so did Getrude. Danielle got AG's 3D Studio and Sparkle card kit. Gertrude (She is Ivy's Mom) got a Color Wonder Disney Princess set, Winifred got a Disney Fairies one. Opal and Danielle got Color Explosion sets. That was Christmas Eve. Here is a pic of the tree on Christmas Morning

Sorry for the confusion, The Dad said that on Christmas morning. Opal got boots, and sweaters,
and Danielle got a FlyPen and some other things we didn't get pics of so I don't know. Then, the moment of truth. There were 3 presents for Opal after everyone else opened theirs. Dad: "I'll get you Grandma's present." Mom: "Um, you might want to give her the "other one" first." Dad: "Ok." Opal, "OH MY GOSH! Is that?!?!?!?!?" She started so freaking out when
she saw a long box wrapped up. (In the pic, my box is that long red wrapped one. Not AG wrapped, behind all those tan wrapped ones) She took a breath, and then started unwrapping me very slowly. I was so annoyed I almost screamed. Then someone said, "JUST TEAR IT OPEN!" She immediatly fumbled around until she got a good grip. Then she ripped. "Is it Nellie?!??!?" Her mom and dad: "Just see." she ripped the paper till she saw the window. "OH MY GOSH!!! OMIGOSH OMIGOSH!!!! YOU GOT ME SAMANTHA!!! *Screams* Thank you sooooooooooooooooo sooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooo much!" It was hilarious to watch as she fumbled the lid off and gently tried to pull me out. "Um, dad? She's stuck." I almost LOL-ed. Mom "Sweetie, I'll get her out." I watched as her Mom took off the rubber bands that I had removed so many times. :) Meanwhile, Opal opened her other 2 presents. The other one from her Mom Dad was my accessories, and her Grandma's present was my Cranberry Party Dress. The entire family present (Ones they all had to share) was a PS2 that her Dad got off of one of his message boards he is on and 2 games. Larryboy and the Bad Apple and one for her Dad. Call of Duty I think. Opal looked at me with such happy eyes I couldn't help but smile a big wide smile. She noticed for a split second until it went back to my normal smile. Afterwards she took my to her parents bathroom, and dressed me in my new Dress. Boy was I glad to be out of those clothes! For a first time AG doll dresser, she was pretty good. She then went down and proudly showed it off to her parents. Then she went upstairs, promptly sat me down on the bed next to her, and started playing Larryboy. I have never been more happy in my life. Ah, Life's good.
Sammy. P.S, sorry it was soooooooooo long. :) And the reason it sounded like Opal got all the presents is cause that's all she remembered. xD

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chapter 10.

Sammy Here! Comment and Follow. I am going to skip ahead to Christmas Eve since basically before that, all I did was BOOOOOOORING. xD BTW, Thanks so much for following me Sunny! You are my 15th follower!!

December 24th (1:00 AM :P)

Well, Sweaty, hot, and stuffy I am. Since it is Christmas Eve, the parents wrapped me up with all the other presents, EXCEPT, they pushed me behind all the other presents. Here is what happened when the girls were allowed to open 1 present earlier after dinner. After the girls finished eating and the parents did the dishes... "Dad, can we pleeeeeeeeeeease open a present now? I know EXACTLY what that little one for me is!! It's a mini doll from American Girl. I measured it." Opal said. "I suppose." Everyone shrieked. Then Opal went to open the 6 1/2 inch tall box wrapped in pretty sparkly green paper with tiny Christmas trees on it. "AHHHH! YOU GOT ME MINI SAMANTHA!!!" Then she slowed down... "I guess this means I didn't get Samantha huh? Oh well, maybe I got Elizabeth or Nellie." (A.N, surprisingly she wanted Elizabeth 2 years before she got her...) Then she, Danielle, and Gertrude (:P A.N These are their cyber names, they go by them on the web. You probably think Opal's Parents are weird to name their kids these names, they didn't.) Went to bed. I watched Opal go to sleep with her old stuffed dog and Mini Moi. They were not allowed to get out of bed and sneak downstairs cause of the present wrapping. I watched them wrap me up out of the slight crack between my eyelids and my head. They stuffy paper came on. Yuck, I hope Nellie was having a better time. In 7-8 hours I will get opened. :)


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Followers and a little something else...

Sammy here! Comment and Follow please. First off, I have 14 followers!!!! WAH HOO! Thank you PrincessClaire1000!! Wow, I love having followers, you guys are awesome! The only thing about blogging that is better than having followers, is having comments. So, you think you could comment on my posts? I would Really appreciate it. Because comments are really awesome to read. :) Also, many people (I will not name them, because I really LOVE all of their videos.) have been making protest videos towards AG on YouTube. About this..... In case you didn't know, (I was sooooo surprised too!) they are opening another AG store in Kansas City. That is probably one reason they are raising the prices, they have WAAAAAAAAAAAY more stores than they used too! When the dolls were 87 dollars they only had the stores in Atlanta, Dallas, LA, NYC, and Chicago. Now they have 3 (Soon to be 4) more stores. They have to pay to keep those stores open. Another reason, the price of the materials have gone up too. Also, think about it. Back when the dolls were 80 bucks or whatever, $80 was practially the equivalent of $90-$95 today. Another thing, the wigs the AGs have are made of (I forgot the name.. LOL) the finest synthetic wig material out there, unlike Barbies which have cheap hair (Rooted Saran) AGs have wigs! And it probably costs 60-70 dollars to make a doll. Which means, they have to sell 2 dolls, before they have money to make another. (Hypothetically. Because AG has a lot more money than 60 bucks.) Sorry for my long rant. :) Please don't un-follow because you don't agree with me. Everyone has their own opinion. :D


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yo peeps! We just got back from AG! It was coolio! I did get glasses though. I only NEED to wear them for reading. Mom started to notice I was squinting when reading. Argh. They are pretty darn cute though. I got the two-tone glasses. I also got the two-tone (I must love two-tone) sneakers. We ate at Chick-Fil-A too. Mom shared her delicious chicken sandwich and waffle fries. :D It was AWESOME. Denver is too cool. I so wish I lived there. We passed by these cool bridges that were over the road. Alaska is really nice too. Real quick post since we have to eat our Totino's Pizza. Then we are going to Dairy Queen!
BTW, I will try to post a pic of me and my glasses soon! I didn't get to use Opal's Mom's Camera. :P


Monday, July 12, 2010

Followers, News, and simple nothingness. :)

Thank you HP Fans and SammySleuth!! You followed me, and now I have 13 followers!!! :D This means alot to me cause I thought ppl would think my blog is boring. :) Could you maybe comment too, followers? :) I love reading what you think of my posts. I might (If you like it) have to extend posting the rest of my past. My mom is going swimming with her friends today and she doesn't want me blogging when she can't supervise. :P She also wants to go to the library this week (She is a TOTAL book freak. So am I :) ) and she is going to AG place on Thursday. Hopefully I am going, so I might be able to film with Opal's (My mom) Mom's (My Grandma as I like to call her) camera. :) I might be able to post on Wednesday or Tuesday, whichever day she doesn't (Maybe she won't go at all :( ) go to the library. Let me post a random pic

It is me pulling Twizzlers out of Opal's Aunt's luggage when she visited. :) It was for a slideshow.